Are you a Homeowner looking to get your radon tested?
The Citizens for Clean Air in Pueblo-Education, Research, Action (CCAP-ERA) and PuebloCAREs offers a free Airchek radon test kit at no cost to all Pueblo, Fremont, Custer, and Huerfano County residents in Colorado.
To get your free radon kit please stop by the PuebloCAREs office:
301 N. Main St Suite 101
(719) 252-6258
Pueblo City-County Health Department
101 W. 9th Ave Room 259
or if you can’t make it into one of the two offices above;
Testing kits should be available at Lowe’s or your local hardware store for approximately $15 for a 3 day test. The price of the kit includes shipping to the manufacturers certified testing lab.
Long term testing kits should also be available for approximately $25 and are advised for long term testing of at least 90 days.
Are you a Homeowner looking to get your radon tested to sell your home?
In order to sell your home with a certified mitigation certificate you will have to have a certified measurement provider certify your radon levels.
Our service rates are as follows:
Pueblo, Pueblo West and Canon City – $125
Salida, Colorado Springs, Southern Colorado – $140
Other Services Include:
Radon testing for commercial properties
Radon mitigation for new construction (before basement/slab is poured)
Consulting with home owners and designing a system to install that suits them.
Consulting with real estate agent’s and their clients
Consulting with general contractors
Upgrading & servicing of existing radon mitigation systems
Once a test has been performed, either by self-testing or by using our services, we can provide you with a complete itemized estimate for the work to be completed.